In this tribute episode, the Military Makeover team and R. Lee Ermey’s family members and friends celebrate the life of The Gunny, reminiscing about the laughter and love he spread throughout his career.

The entire family at Military Makeover continues to mourn the death of its beloved drill instructor. Though the former Marine is renowned for his Hollywood portrayals of hardened authority figures, Ermey’s most recent role was a nearly five-year stint covering 13 seasons as co-host of Military Makeover. On the show, The Gunny acted as a confidant for military veterans receiving home makeovers to thank them for their service, as well as a task master keeping the production crew in line.

The Gunny leaves us with his thoughts on giving back to veterans.

“I can’t call this a job,” Ermey said recently about his Military Makeover duties. “It’s a habit that I have. But it’s a fun habit that helps my veterans, and anything that helps my veterans, I’m game for.”