The reveal day for the Middletons is right around the corner! Stay tuned as the family gets their fair share of surprises before the big day.

First, get familiar with the Middletons. Aaron is currently a Major and Senior Communications Officer serving at USMC Forces Central Command in Tampa, Florida. Over the past twelve years, as Aaron has deployed to Iraq and traveled the world, he and his wife Holly welcomed four beautiful children: Trott, Scarlett, Magnolia and Kelvin. Within the past year, however, the family has faced overwhelming adversity.

Since the Middleton home is all about the children, Military Makeover’s Jennifer Bertrand and leading toy company Mattel are putting something special together: Game night with UNO!

Everyone wants to protect what’s precious to them, and certainly every homeowner wants to defend their family and property. Enter the experts at Axon. They’re on site with the Military Makeover team discussing self-defense and home security.

Here at Military Makeover, we partner with companies that have the ability to help our families far beyond the remodeling of their homes. That’s why a Suncoast Credit Union representative is ready to sit down with Aaron and Holly to discuss finances and the future of the family’s charity, Scarlett’s Sunshine.