The team from MyComputerCareer is back with some technical magic! And, because Cody is one of their star online students, they’ve brought him some big surprises. We’re spoiling the Willett family like never before!

This season, they outdid themselves with a surprise of a lifetime as CEO Tony Galati arrives to personally surprise Cody with his graduation certificate, plus a full tuition scholarship to attend the next program.

“I never get a chance to meet many of our students,” Galati says. “To be able to present him with his graduation certificate… I’m very excited for this.”

If that wasn’t enough, MyComputerCareer completely transformed the family’s office space, incorporating brand-new technology, a sleek desk set-up, and a number of other high-tech amenities, including a frame television and rustic-modern decor.

MyComputerCareer’s educational program in the Information Technology field has improved the lives of many veterans, including Cody’s. By enrolling in MyComputerCareer, start your new life as an I.T. pro in as little as four months and follow in Cody’s footsteps.

“We’ve had thousands of graduates over the years,” Galati says. “The one thing I haven’t been able to do in all of these years is see a student face to face and present them with their graduation certificate.”

Stay tuned to witness Cody’s reaction when he is presented with a full tuition scholarship to attend MyComputerCareer’s next program.