During this episode of Military Makeover, the Travis family is staying at WoodSpring Suites. WoodSpring Suites caters their amenities to suit the needs of guests who need an extended stay of a week or longer. For the Travis  family, they will stay at WoodSpring Suites until the completion of the renovations on their new home. While there, the Travis family can enjoy a kitchen area with a full refrigerator, ample living area, bedroom area, bathroom and impeccably clean furnishings. WoodSpring Suites offers a superbly clean experience in their suites. In every suite, the comforters, shower curtains, and all furniture in the room go through an immaculately thorough cleaning process. WoodSpring understands that this is one of the most important values for a family staying with their children. They are prided on having one of the cleanest rooms in the industry.