Welcome to New York, home to more than 800,000 military veterans. Since 2003, enlisted service members have exited the military at a rate of roughly 250,000 each year.

For veterans unsure of what’s next, look to Con Edison, an electric, gas, and steam service responsible for providing energy to the 10 million people who live in New York City and Westchester County. In fact, there are over 720 veterans employed at Con Edison with a need for more!

Founded in 1823, Con Edison has fueled and sustained the growth of Greater New York for nearly two centuries. From the lights on Broadway and financial markets of Wall Street, to boutiques in Brooklyn and homes on Staten Island, employees at Con Edison touch every corner of the most exciting region in the country.

The power of Con Edison lies in the nearly 15,000 women and men who make up the team. They strive to create an empowering and welcoming workplace that embodies the diverse backgrounds and experiences, including that of veterans, that make New York so iconic, dynamic, and great.

Stay tuned to hear some of Con Edison’s own reveal why the company is one of the best places to work.