The Stupar Family

While on deployment in Mosul Iraq, in 2004, U.S. Army Staff Sergeant, Michael Stupar was tasked with providing security for a recovery mission. As gunshots echoed all around, a convoy of injured Iraqi police officers approached seeking medical attention. While providing first-aid to the wounded officers, Stupar’s team suddenly found themselves under fire, with shots coming from unknown locations. While attempting to recover weapons from the back of the truck, Michael saw bullets penetrating the sand around him before feeling an intense, sharp pain around his left knee that brought him to the ground. He somehow managed to get back to the safety of his truck, and eventually returned to base where shrapnel consistent with that of an AK-47 round was removed from his leg, leaving Michael in terrible pain, but feeling thankful to have made it out alive. The harrowing experience and intense pain did not deter Michael from continuing his mission to serve and protect his country with bravery and courage. He would go on to serve proudly for a further 17 years in a career that saw him deploy 4 times and perform a variety of roles and duties that required immense skills, leadership, bravery and tenacity - including as a Paratrooper and Military Police Officer. Stupar retired in November 2021, ending a 20-year career decorated with numerous awards, medals and commendations. The process to award Michael with his Purple Heart is underway. Michael’s service saw him and his family stationed at various bases both at home and abroad. They recently moved to Michigan City, Indiana, where Michael and his loving wife, Crystal, and their two daughters, Paris and London are trying to finally settle and restart their lives after so long as part of the military. The transition has been complicated due to recent family tragedies and health issues and have made settling in their new home all the more difficult. Military Makeover, and with the support of our devoted partners, is honored to be able to provide whatever support we can to the Stupar family—and help them get the “forever home” they deserve after giving so much for our country.

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Providing Helping Hands for Our Makeover

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