Are Soldiers Being Served Fresher Food on Military Bases?

It’s tough enough to find fresh food at affordable prices in civilian life; imagine how difficult this must be in military life. 

Sure, there are dining facilities on-base, however, their usage rate is not very high. Hence leaders are considering alternate dining arrangements for modern-day servicemen and servicewomen. 

How Does Dinning Work on Military Bases? 

Before we explore the newest method being tested out, let’s examine the traditional process of how soldiers obtain their meals.  

According to Today’s Military, there are several styles of dining facilities that can be found on most bases. These include “chow halls, mess halls, and other cafeteria-style meals throughout the day.”  

Additionally, numerous bases contain food trucks and fast-food locations on-site. 

For soldiers who do not have access to the above options, they are given a Basic Allowance for Subsistence. The BAS helps “offset food costs as part of their salary and compensation.” 

The 10 Triumphant Trailblazers  

While military bases aren’t eliminating their traditional facilities just yet, a breakthrough in the quest for healthier food options has just been made.  

Per Military Times, a partnership between 10 Army Bases and commissary officials has just been established.  

The bases that are participating in the program are as follows: 

  • Fort Bliss and Fort Cavazos (Texas) 
  • Fort Carson (Colorado) 
  • Fort Drum (New York) 
  • Fort Johnson (Louisiana) 
  • Fort Liberty North (North Carolina) 
  • Fort Riley (Kansas) 
  • Fort Stewart (Georgia) 
  • Fort Wainwright (Alaska) 
  • Lewis Main at Joint Base Lewis-McChord (Washington) 

How to Eat Healthier on Each Base 

In the deal, fresh food will be stocked in conveniently located kiosks and outposts throughout the bases. Service members who wish to enjoy the new dining options can acquire desired items with their meal cards. 

The new F&B selection includes “sandwiches, sushi, salads, breakfast sandwiches, fresh cut fruit and drinks.” Marine Sgt. Major Michael Saucedo proudly explains how they have healthy, dietician-approved options, and service members can walk straight to the front of the line. 

The supply process works by having dining personnel  “order the items for the kiosks and outposts from the commissary using a master catalog that has been vetted through an Army dietician.” 

Talks have already been held regarding a similar partnership being established with the Air Force and additional branches in the future. 

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