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The Moyers Family

Despite experiencing some of the happiest moments of his life from his time in the Air Force, Matt Moyers also carries seen and unseen wounds from his service. Matt suffers from psychological ailments such as PTSD, depression, and insomnia. His physical injuries include severe back trauma—four herniated discs—a bicep that wasn’t properly reattached after surgery, and “the shoulder of a seventy-five-year-old man,” as one doctor put it. If it weren't for his wife Rachel and his children Jackson and Isabelle, he would not be here today. The family’s Missouri home is dated, lacks in color and décor, and has some safety concerns. The kitchen needs a total overhaul, the living room coffee table is being held together by zip-ties, and the backyard is a hazard to the children. The family would love to improve Matt’s sleep situation, perhaps by updating his man cave in the basement, a place he uses as a retreat and workspace.

Montel Williams Has a Heartfelt Conversation with Matt and Rachel Moyers

Military Makeover host Montel Williams heads to Kansas City to sit down with Air Force veteran Matthew Moyers and his wife Rachel in a candid conversation

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The Home Depot Provides Construction Tools and Materials

Before we begin construction, we're stopping into The Home Depot's Tool Rental to pick up equipment and materials.

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The Moyers Home Makeover Kicks into High Gear

We're kicking off the Moyers makeover with The Home Depot, Behr, NBKC Bank, Curves, and more!

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A Wireless Solution For the Moyers Family

It's important to keep the Moyers family connected. That's why Sprint, headquartered right here in Kansas City, is offering to make it a whole lot easier for them. 

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