The Middleton home makeover is in full force! Stay tuned as we introduce you to even more companies making this renovation possible.

First, get familiar with the family. Aaron is currently a Major and Senior Communications Officer serving at USMC Forces Central Command in Tampa, Florida. Over the past twelve years, as Aaron has deployed to Iraq and traveled the world, he and his wife Holly welcomed four beautiful children: Trott, Scarlett, Magnolia and Kelvin. Within the past year, however, the family has faced overwhelming adversity.

As the home slowly comes together, the family sits down with Prairie Conlon, a licensed professional counselor, and fellow military veteran. Together with CertaPet, Conlon helps certify the Middletons’ dog as an emotional support animal.

Then, the insulation experts at Knauf Insulation stop by to install the latest products to ensure the Middleton home will be efficient, healthy, and comfortable for years to come. Rheem is on-site as well, donating a new hybrid water heater to help the family reduce their energy bills.

Plus, MyComputerCareer plans the family’s state-of-the-art office space. Stay tuned!