Want to learn more about veteran hiring? Meet vets who have found exciting new career opportunities in various fields, including healthcare, fashion, residential services, and more, after transitioning back to the civilian world.

For nearly a century, the Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC) has been a dynamic, innovative force in their community — pioneering new products and technologies to meet customer needs. Part of their strategy includes hiring veterans. Currently, they comprise about 10 percent of their workforce.

Like our military, American Residential Services (ARS) is united by exceptional service. Find out why transitioning veterans looking for their next career are finding satisfaction and a purpose-led career working for ARS.

In addition, veteran and Armed Forces team members are an inspiration to HanesBrands. That’s why they are proud to help them give back to their fellow community. Stay tuned to hear how and why HanesBrands is committed to helping veterans find meaningful employment.

Many veterans face a tough time finding post-military careers that can truly make use of their skills and experiences during service. AdventHealth provides the tools to help veterans transition. Stay tuned!