iDirect Government is a leading provider of satellite communications to the military and government. As experience in the battlefield is central to the company’s mission, iDirectGov president John Ratigan discusses iDirectGov’s history of hiring veterans, as well as how the company was born out of an idea on the inception of Operation Iraqi Freedom to fulfill U.S. military communications needs in remote regions and worldwide, anywhere and anytime.

Plus, iDirectGov’s military veteran employees talk about their transitions from military life to the civilian sector and how iDirectGov helped them with transitioning, as well as how their military backgrounds provide insider insights into product development. 

iDirectGov’s military veteran employees have been instrumental in landing large-scale accounts for the U.S. Army, including the award of long-standing contracts with DISA, PM Tactical, the U.S. Army and the U.S. Air Force, among other contracts.