We’re back with the Marquez family in Dacula, Georgia as the Military Makeover team continues the home renovations with ABC Supply Co., MyComputerCareer, POWERHOME, and more.

First, learn about our family: Master Gunnery Sergeant Marcelino Marquez has served 27 years on active duty and in the Reserves, and spent more than five years assigned to Mortuary Affairs. Studies have shown that Mortuary Affairs personnel have some of the highest rates of post-traumatic stress disorder. Marcelino continues to struggle every day with the experiences he encountered while serving in Mortuary Affairs.

We started demolition on day one, and the very next day, ABC Supply was on the scene. Also, stay tuned to see how easy the experts at POWERHOME make the transition to solar.

Meanwhile, longtime partner Goodman Manufacturing is installing a brand-new HVAC system for the Marquez family.

Plus, check out how this gorgeous furniture from Coaster Fine Furniture has transformed the family’s home! And, as a strong supporter of the military community, MassMutual stepped in to help with their guidance, giving our veteran valuable financial advice and planning for the future.

Finally, it’s getting to the stage in the makeover where we need to get into clean-up mode to get the home looking pristine for the Marquez Family on reveal day. At the same time, the team at MyComputerCareer is back once again to help another deserving veteran — but this time, the veteran is one they know well.