Listen Up! Military Makeover with Host R. Lee Ermey , “The Gunny” was featured on various TV and newspaper outlets.

It was also featured live on WFTV-ORLD (ABC), WKF (CW18) and WOLF (FOX 35)

Military Makeover in the News Fox 35 Orlando ABC 9 Orlando CW 18 Orlando


Military Makeover in the News

“EUSTIS — Wilma “Tinky” Stuart has a fondness for veterans and an unneeded house, which has become a dream come true for Purple Heart candidate Thomas “Tommy” Travis and his family…” Click here to read more.





Military Makeover in the News

“EUSTIS — As Army soldier Tommy Travis drove through the streets of Bagdad, Iraq, on patrol with fellow comrades, a grenade pierced his Humvee and released a projectile…”  Click here to read more.


Military Makeover in the News“After the 2009 Baghdad attack that left army soldier Tommy Travis with post traumatic stress disorder and a traumatic grain injury, his family wasn’t sure how they would be able to afford a home of their own…” Click here to read more.







The WFTV coverage catapulted the story to radio, TV and news sources in and outside of Florida! (“Eustis Woman, 85” changed to “Florida Woman”) in Pittsburgh, West Palm Beach, Atlanta, Jacksonville, and Austin, TX.