Looking to help Cody on the tech side of life, our I.T. experts, MyComputerCareer, are setting up one special room to give this family a very smart future.

Tony Galati, founder/CEO of MyComputerCareer, is excited to get to work. “We love our veterans,” he says. “They’ve done so much to serve us, so if there’s any little thing we can do to serve them in return, we want to do it!”

Stay tuned as the MyComputerCareer team gets busy installing a host of new additions into the home, from security cameras and a Wi-Fi system serving the entire house, to tablets and other tech gadgets. In addition, they’re also supplying state-of-the-art smoke alarms that can tell the difference between burning something in the kitchen and a large-scale house fire.

MyComputerCareer’s Jenny Nichols fills Art Edmonds in on the idea behind the company’s special room dedicated to both Cody and Daniel. There will be clean lines for the tech/education space, as well as an area dedicated to Daniel’s military accomplishments and awards. The tech gadgets include a Google Chromebook, an iPad for Cody’s daughter Layla, and indoor and outdoor security cameras to keep the Patrons safe.

MyComputerCareer’s educational program in the Information Technology field improves the lives of veterans and other people alike. They make the transition from service to civilian life as smooth as possible for veterans. By enrolling in MyComputerCareer, anyone can start a new life as an I.T. pro in as little as four months.

“As much as we love serving our veterans outside of school, probably the most important thing we can do for them is to help them make that transition,” Galati says.