When it comes to receiving a college eduction, there are thousands of schools to choose from. But what about an institution that caters to the non-traditional student? Enter Argosy University, a military-friendly school that makes it possible for active duty personnel and veterans to get their degree.

Argosy University provides support for all students’ education and career goals, while also offering additional benefits to student veterans, including on-campus veteran programs, credit for service, military spouse programs, and more.

Depending on a student’s unique circumstances, online higher education can provide the flexibility of not having to be physically located on campus. Plus, certain programs at Argosy enable active military personnel to stay enrolled online while serving overseas, or allow start and stop accommodations to reflect the reality of soldiers and sailors finding themselves deployed in the middle of a course.

Learn at one of Argosy’s 28 campus locations across the U.S. or inside an interactive online classroom that’s accessible any time, day or night. Combine the two for a blended online and campus experience that meets your unique needs, too.

Stay tuned to hear students and graduates discuss their one-of-a-kind experience at Argosy University.